About us

The Nine is Belgium's first women-focused members club, with an exclusive clubhouse and garden. Open morning to late, we aim to bring you a daily dose of inspiration, championing female suppliers and producers.

With our all-day bar & restaurant, we’re here to help you refuel for the day – or evening – ahead. Our menu is simple and delicious, using only the best seasonal & sustainable ingredients.

Whether you’re switching off or switching on, you’ll find the perfect space in one of our upper floors.

From a relaxing lounge and library area, to fully equipped co-working spaces and meeting rooms, we offer everything you need to plan your next step for world domination.

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The Nine Equality Initiative

The Nine Equality Initiative is our non-profit organisation that promotes gender equality at all levels of society. As a member of The Nine, you are part of this initiative to raise awareness and advocate for greater diversity & inclusion. We offer a number of professional workshops and training on these topics as well as fundraising and community initiatives. We are committed to donating all funds at the end of each year.

Our Partners

With the support and collaboration of:

Degroof Petercam
Laurent Perrier